Message from Our Head Elder

Church Reopening


December 23, 2020

Greetings Church Family!

For safety reasons, we will not have services this coming Sabbath, December 26 due to an attending member on December 19 testing positive for COVID this week.

Our plans are to have communion service the following Sabbath, January 2nd. If that changes, we will keep you updated.

Join us for our online Sabbath School and a message from our Pastor by going to our church Facebook page or website.

If you have any questions, you can contact Head Elder Terry Spradlin.

Have a very Blessed and Merry Christmas!

August 21, 2020

Dear Church Family,

We are glad to announce that since we opened back for worship services, we are also having Sabbath School, and have updated our safety guidelines.

We are continuing with masks being worn when entering the building and as you are seated in our social distancing arrangement, and then masks can be removed while being seated. Masks should be worn while moving about to use the restroom/in common areas, and while being dismissed to leave the building. We ask that you please not congregate in the foyer or restrooms.

For those who wish to wear face covering during the service and only be with those who wear the coverings as well, the Fellowship Hall will be available to you for viewing the service.  Note:  9/4/20 The a/c in the Fellowship Hall has been fixed.

We will continue to check temperatures and confirming if coughing before entering the building.

Sabbath School is from 10:00 AM to 10:45 AM for both adults and children.

The teachers in children’s divisions will be wearing face coverings. Children wearing coverings will be based on the parent/guardian’s discretion in keeping their children/child safe. Social distancing will be practiced as much as possible. At such time the attendance is too large to accommodate social distancing, we will revisit the guidelines.

The adult class will be in the sanctuary and will follow the same guidelines as during worship services. There will be a separate Facebook study provided.

The worship service will start at 11:00 AM and end promptly at 12:00 Noon. The service will be Facebook live (if there are technical difficulties, we will post a recording shortly after service ends).

Tithes and offerings can be placed in the appropriate box in the foyer (or you can do so online).
We look forward to seeing our members in person who can attend!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Head Elder Terry Spradlin or Pastor Valeri Tchounkovskii.


May 30, 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Several weeks ago, our Elders had a meeting to discuss the possibility of reopening our church. They discussed the fact that our congregation is in the higher risk category, where getting COVID19 would be detrimental to their health. The Elders decided to create a special committee comprised of Cindy Reyna, James Singh, Terrie Bayless, Del Hofmann, Pastor and myself. The committee’s whole mission was first, to keep our congregation safe and healthy, and second, to open the Church so we could worship our Lord together once again. Not all people have or have had COVID19 and present symptoms but can still spread the virus. The committee’s main goal is that it is not spread on our watch and in our Church.


The committee was comprised of people with medical experience, cleaning experience, Pastor, Head Elder, Head Deacon and our own Safety Committee. They talked thoroughly about the cleaning of the church, how we were to social distance within the church and even down to how we were going to be seated, and dismissed from church. We have put together some very strict provisions that must be followed by all who are willing to come to church. These steps are to insure our health and well-being and peace of mind for ALL OF OUR CONGREGATION.


Arrival: There will be some added measures before being allowed in the church, because of social distancing and time we ask that you make provisions for these extra measures and arrive at church beginning at 10:15 AM. Once the Service has begun the doors will be locked so that all can enjoy the services. I apologize about this part in advance. To ensure that you are able to enjoy the service please arrive before 11:00 AM.


Social Distancing: Social Distancing is vitally important in the prevention of spreading COVID19, so we will be asking that you maintain at least six feet of separation while outside of our church and inside as well. To aid in this procedure, we will have deacons seat people before service, we will seat from the front of the church first going to the back of the church. We ask that when seated you remain seated until services are over. Dismissal will be just the opposite; we will start at the back of the church and move forward. We ask that you not congregate in the hallway and that you not greet with hugs or handshakes.


Health Check: There will be a health check before entering the Church. Temperatures will be taken and you will be asked a few questions about your health. For precautions if you present with a fever of greater than 99.1 and or a cough you will not be permitted inside the Church. If you have been exposed recently to someone who now has COVID19 you will not be permitted inside the Church. These measures are to protect everyone in the church, please be considerate and STAY HOME if you are not feeling well or you have been exposed.


Restroom: Once you have entered the church you will notice that doors going down the hall will be closed, they will remain closed before, during and after the services. We want to limit the amount of cleaning our crews will have to do during the services. For the Sanctuary, the mother’s room bathroom will be the only one that can be used. After each use a member of our safety team will clean and disinfect it for the next person.


Fellowship Hall: The Fellowship Hall will be used once the sanctuary has become full. If you are directed to the fellowship hall you will be asked to drive to the back of the church. The men’s restroom will be the designated restroom for those attending in the fellowship hall. A monitor will be outside the door to let one person in at a time. There will be a clean stall reserved for Ladies only.

Hymnals and Bibles: You will notice that all the hymnals and bibles have been removed from the church; this will alleviate the possibility of the spread of the virus. The words of the songs during the service will be printed in the bulletin. Please bring your own bibles.


Services: We will start promptly at 11:00 and will end promptly at 12:00. Please don’t just get up and start to leave the Church, you will be dismissed by rows by a deacon. Our first service back we will have a Testimonial Sabbath where we will be sharing our “war” stories about what you experienced during our time apart. We encourage you to share your story, but please keep it to three minutes, THERE WILL BE A TIMER.


Tithes and Offerings: To keep our deacons safe, tithes and offerings will not be taken up during the services. We will have two boxes in the hallway. One will be labeled Tithes and Offerings and one will be labeled Lambs Offerings. Please place those in the appropriate box on your way out.


Masks: Please come prepared to wear a mask while entering the church and when moving around the sanctuary.  Remember the mask isn’t to keep you safe, but to keep safe all the folks around you.


God Bless each of you and may He keep you safe and healthy during these trying times.


Terry Spradlin


Head Elder, Alvarado SDA Church